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Why I do what I do

Why I do what I do

Why I do what I do

I used to be an IT consultant, flying around the country, eating irregular meals, sleeping whenever I could grab a few minutes. The money was good, but physically, I felt like crap. Eventually I reached a breaking point and completely changed my career and with it, my life.

I became a personal trainer, and I had the unique satisfaction of helping one of my clients knock 45 minutes off their marathon time from the year before. The difference being, my client had cerebral palsy and achieved the feat in a hand-crank style bicycle. I had no qualms about giving up a Sunday to see the exhilaration on their face as they crossed the finish line.

Then there was this one time I woke up with a turbo muscle spasm in my back, you know the kind where you have to turn your whole body to check your side mirrors. Normally I’d be heading to the pharmacy for the elephant tranquilizers, but for months, I’d been in serious training for my first triathlon, and I was dreading not being able to compete for something I’d invested so much time and sweat equity into. Enter acupuncture later that morning, and my mobility was eased to a point where I could at least drive to work. That evening, my back lit up like a furnace, it was quite surreal. After 30 minutes, I could touch my toes like nothing had occurred. The triathlon was a great success for me that weekend, winning my age group as well as first place overall.

To see the effect of my work on a patient and how it changes their quality of life for the better is truly rewarding. Something as simple as clearing sinus congestion to more complex cases of accelerating the healing of a broken bone, can completely change how an individual gets through the day, I’ve even had the pleasure of assisting in bringing life into this world through labour induction. A drug-free birth is a desire of many parents, and I was able to see the results of this. Some people need pharmaceuticals to get through the day, I just love what I do, and that’s enough for me.

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  • Kate

    Thanks for sharing that Scott. What a beautiful story and lifestyle you have chosen.

  • Great story! Always nice to hear the reason behind the passion!

    Acupuncture is fantastic. I’ve only used it one time, but, the results were phenomenal! Great for inflammation!

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