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Warriors (the weekend kind)

Warriors (the weekend kind)

Warriors (the weekend kind)

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Did that game of beach volleyball or pickup basketball on the weekend leave you feeling broken? Injuries sustained by “weekend warriors” (people largely sedentary during the week and overcompensating with extra activity on the weekend), are the second most reason behind colds that people are seeking medical attention. Approximately 10% of North Americans exercise regularly, and with our busy schedules, the number of us that are becoming weekend warriors, is increasing.

If we were to compare the warriors of ancient times to now; they trained regularly, they were always on alert and ready for battle. After a week in an office chair, the dramatic change in physical stress placed on the body of today’s “warriors” make them prime candidates for soft tissue injuries, sprains, strains, fractures or even more serious conditions.

To prepare yourself for the demands of such weekend activity, consult with your medical practitioner before participating in a measured conditioning program. Making time for flexibility and strength training during the week will make getting out of bed on Monday morning a much more comfortable proposition.

3000 yrs ago, Chinese medicine treated warriors and it still does to this day. The injuries sustained have changed, but the principles of treatment and the results remain the same.

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