If you need a poke, I'm your bloke!



You have helped me with my own limitations in my body and helped me to continue to get healthier. My quality of life has improved a lot with your help

– Quinn Strickland


Able to make people feel at ease, very professional and great sense of humour. You have a good sense of what each client might need.

– Quinn Strickland


I had a needle phobia … and didn’t really know what to expect. The whole appointment is much more relaxing and therapeutic than I expected.

– Jane Stark


I was nervous about the needles and what to expect in general. After my first visit, I felt comfortable and positive. You provided me with thorough explanations of the appointment process and answered my many questions. After my first appointment, I started to feel relief almost immediately.

– Nicole Kwieton


You put me at ease and demonstrated that relief was possible without pain killers. Not only did we address the physical, but also the mental side of pain.

– Mike Fehr


Steveston Acupuncture offers instantaneous rewards in a totally-professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.

– Duncan Holmes