If you need a poke, I'm your bloke!





What makes me unconventional?

I was a desk-jockey for a decade and hated it. I sat behind a screen for way too many hours and got fat and stressed out by people who didn’t care about my work. The paycheque wasn’t enough of an inspiration to justify my lack of desire to continue down that path. So I made a change, a couple of changes, let’s just call it a course correction, and found a passion for helping people. Now people care about my work because it changes their life.
I experienced my first acupuncture treatment whilst training for a triathlon, after waking one morning with my back seized up and unyielding, I was able to get in for a treatment and move along with my day, within a few hours, my back released and I was able to return to my normal range of motion. After winning the race that weekend, I realized I had discovered something big.

What you need to know before you come see me.

 Here is something you won’t hear everyday….
My goal ISN’T to keep you stuck forever in a loop of treatments. Don’t get me wrong, when I work with you, I am ALL-IN and fiercely dedicated to getting you and your health back in order. The ultimate thrill for me is when I hear from people who don’t need me anymore because they are living pain-free and unlimited to the potential of their life. This is why I do, what I do.
I’m not about an assembly line of bodies coming in and out with me treating you from a one-sided approach. We work together. You and me – side by side. Our goal is to get you OFF my table and back into your life FREE from pain and limitation.
Sound good?
I tell it like it is – with heart in hand.
Because I want more for you and your life. You deserve nothing less than my best.