If you need a poke, I'm your bloke!

I’m Scott Livingstone, a true-blue Aussie at heart (now proud Canuck), husband and Dad, who LOVES challenging the status quo in discovering new ways to support and heal our bodies.

I work with people tired of trying conventional methods and seeing little change. I provide a combination of natural and drug-free treatments that take them from feeling frustrated to free and living the fullest potential of their life. They are healthier, stronger and more empowered in their body.


How do you know if we are a good fit?

If the following sounds familiar then let’s connect and see what we can do together:

** I’m tired of getting poor results from the same old treatments. **
** I believe considering the “big picture” of physical, mental and emotional is important. **
** I hate the amount of medications I take and want to explore a way to get off them safely. **
** I want a natural and holistic treatment that doesn’t include prescription drugs. **
** I’m desperate and tried everything to get results with no success. **
** I’ve heard acupuncture is really effective and I’m curious to see it will help me. **
** I want someone in my corner supporting, educating and including me in the journey. **
** I want to treat multiple conditions in a single visit – I’ve heard acupuncture does this. **


What can I expect?

I’m not a conventional practitioner who tells you how it is. I work with you, beside you and include you in the process — every step of the way. I bring my education, passion, skills and training and you bring your voice, willingness and an open mind to our work together.
I’m not into dry and boring either. I love to laugh and although you may not like my jokes, I’m told it does bring comfort and ease to each session.
If you want to know more about why I chose a life of sticking it to people, read more here.


How do I get started?

You can contact me here to ask questions; or if you want to hear me say “put a shrimp on the barbie” you can call; or use the awesomeness of technology and book a session with me here.
I look forward to meeting you either way.



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